WATCH: Michael C. Hall Returns to TV in Netflix’s New Drama ‘Safe’


It’s been a while since Dexter fans had Michael C. Hall on their TV screens, but now they have something to look forward to: his new role in Netflix’s Safe!

After memorable turns in Six Feet Under and the aforementioned Showtime show, Hall is returning to the small-screen in the streaming giant’s newest series, which focuses on the disappearance of one of his character Tom’s two daughters, Jenny (Amy James-Kelly).

“This is a gated community, you can see who comes in and who goes out,” one character narrates, as we see Tom saying goodbye to his daughter as she leaves the house. “Later,” she says. “Not too late,” he stresses.

Amy James-Kelly as Jenny

In the logline for the show, we learn that Hall’s Tom is a widower, so when his daughter doesn’t return home from a neighborhood party, his mind starts racing.

“Nine out of 10 disappearances are connected to somebody you know,” a detective advises. “One thing you learn in my job, no one knows anyone — not really.”

One particular detail that should be noted is Hall’s impeccable British accent. The North Carolina native clearly disappears into the role.

The series premieres May 10 with an eight-episode first season. Watch the trailer below and catch Safe when it premieres on Netflix this May.

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