‘Outlander’ Author Reveals Her Favorite Episode From Season 3 (VIDEO)

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Season 3 of the time-traveling Starz drama Outlander had many great moments, but for original book series author and show consultant Diana Gabaldon, one episode stood out among the rest.

Gabaldon recently revealed in a bonus clip from the DVD release that Episode 4, “Of Lost Things,” holds a special place in her heart.

Of the Season 3 episode, she said, “I think it’s about the most perfect in terms of what it captures of the original story, how it’s played, and the emotional intensity of it.”

In case you forgot, “Of Lost Things” follows Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) life at Helwater, where he works in the stable. In this episode, Lady Geneva (Hannah James) blackmails Jamie into sleeping with her, which results in her getting pregnant.

Fast-forward several years, Lady Geneva has died in childbirth, and now, Jamie and Geneva’s son Willie is a young boy and being raised by Lady Isobel (Tanya Reynolds) and Lord John Grey (David Berry) — who also happens to be madly in love with the red-headed highlander. Everyone on the estate knows who Willie’s true father is but nobody acknowledges it.

Jamie realizes he must move on with his life and asks Lord Grey to watch over and guide his son through life. Jamie even goes so far as to offer up his body as payment for the favor. Grey turns down Jamie but the emotion is palpable.

And who can forget that heart-wrenching ending when Jamie rides off while Willie pleads for him not to leave.

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