‘Bellevue’ Episode 2: Will Annie Solve The Riddler’s Latest Brain Teaser? (VIDEO)

Anna Paquin as Annie Ryder in Bellevue
Anna Paquin as Annie Ryder in Bellevue.

Are you good at riddles? If you say yes, then you may be of some help to Anna Paquin in her new WGN series, Bellevue.

In the new drama, Paquin’s Detective Annie Ryder is searching for missing transgender teen Jesse (Sadie O’Neil). At the same time, elements from her painful past are re-emerging that are starting to shake her to her core.

As Paquin told TV Insider ahead of the series launch, Annie isn’t confiding in too many people about her past and how it’s coming back to the forefront. However, her personal and professional worlds are colliding in this week’s new episode.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode, Annie seeks out the help of colleague Brady Holt (Billy MacLellan), in solving a riddle. Will she figure out what the “Riddler” is trying to tell her?

Bellevue, Tuesdays, 10/9c, WGN.