Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ and ‘Future Man’ Renewed for Season 2

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Erin SimkinHulu
Future Man

More episodes of Marvel’s Runaways and Future Man are headed to a screen near you.

Hulu announced on Monday that both shows have been renewed for a second season containing 13 episodes each. This matches Future Man‘s first season run but is an increase in episodes for Runaways, which only had 10 episodes in its premiere season.

Future Man stars Josh Hutcherson as a janitor turned warrior. An ordinary guy’s life takes an action-packed turn when he’s sucked into a video game and tasked with saving the world.

Runaways centers on a group of high school friends who realize they’re parents are the actual evil villains in the story. Now, the teens must band together—against their will—and fight their common enemies. Plus, they also have some pretty cool new powers.

Runaways, Season Finale, Jan. 9, Hulu.