‘Berlin Station’: Why Is Keke Palmer’s April Eavesdropping on CIA Phone Calls? (VIDEO)

Berlin Station - Keke Palmer
Frederic Batier/EPIX
Keke Palmer as April Lewis in Berlin Station.

It’s a spy’s duty to, well, spy. That said, is there a line being crossed when one spy is eavesdropping on phone calls between two other spies? That will be probably be the question for Keke Palmer’s newbie CIA agent, April Lewis, on EPIX’s Berlin Station, if she’s discovered snooping around where her eager ears aren’t supposed to be listening.

In Sunday’s new episode, what April is listening in on is Daniel (Richard Armitage) trying to help his old buddy/ex-CIA agent Hector (Rhys Ifans), who is hiding young Elena Ganz (Emilia Schüle) from the authorities.

In case you needed reminding, Elena is wanted in connection with her father, Otto (Thomas Kretschmann), who was recently shot and killed before he could set off explosives and put an end to Katarina Gerhardt’s (Natalia Wörner) political campaign. Things are definitely getting more and more complicated on the spy thriller.

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Check out this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode to see what exactly April finds out…and then we can all wonder if the young agent is going to use this information to help Daniel and Hector, or to better her own standing at the Berlin Station by showing what a good spy she is.

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