7 ‘Outlander’ Revelations We Learned From EP Ronald D. Moore’s Twitter Q&A

Outlander - Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan
Pictured: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan

Outlander executive producer and writer, Ronald D. Moore, answered fans’ burning questions in a Twitter Q&A Monday night and revealed some interesting facts about Season 3 of the hit Starz show. Moore even revealed a few clues about Season 4 of Outlander, which is currently being filmed in Scotland.

First off, the beloved Murtagh character is not done yet on the show even though he was killed off in the books:

One of the most talked about episodes in Outlander history is The Wedding from Season 1, but Moore didn’t love the first edit, so they shot it again:

The Frasers are about to embark on a treacherous adventure at sea to rescue Young Ian and the ships used are from another show: Black Sails!

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The characters he misses the most are …

Fans were not happy about Jamie and Laoghaire’s marriage, but Moore stood behind the story line.

Moore has written the season premiere episode for the past three seasons, but broke tradition with Season 4.

The show’s production is a massive undertaking.

The finale of Season 3 was only locked in last week!

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