‘Liar’ Season Finale: Can Andrew Be Stopped? (VIDEO)

Shelley Conn as DI Vanessa Harmon, Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson, and Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Earlham, in Liar - Season 1
Joss Barratt/Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV
Shelley Conn as DI Vanessa Harmon, Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Earlham, Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson - Liar _ Season 1

Wednesday night’s Liar wrap-up is the sort of season finale you anticipate and dread in equal parts. The suspense is finally (hopefully?) over—but the delicious storytelling that preceded it ends, too.

After Laura’s plan to take Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) down in last week’s thriller of an episode goes dangerously awry, leaving her and Detective Vanessa Harmon (Shelley Conn) a giant step backward in their mission to bring him down, the pair must figure out how to use what they know and counter what he knows about them, too, to find justice.

And, as Liar fans know, the not-so-good doctor isn’t going down without a fight.

In this exclusive clip from “The Marshes,” Laura (Joanne Froggatt) reveals to Harmon that Andrew showed up outside her house the night before, rattling the already shaken woman. Then she reveals some things Andrew said that makes her believe he filmed the women’s rapes—evidence that is likely on the memory cards he stashed in his mother’s storage shed. And even more likely, the subject of a desperate Laura’s next reckless mission.

In the meantime, Andrew, feeling less and less convinced he’ll escape arrest, tries to convince Luke to help him craft an alibi.

“Whatever that mechanism is in his brain that’s compared to all of the rest of us, that’s not normal,” Gruffudd told TV Insider.  “It’s more about controlling people and the narrative and how he presents himself in society. So, knowing these things about the other characters that he can use against them when he’s attacked, the plates are being spun at all times. When it all starts to unravel for him, this is his way of defending himself.”

And the final outcome, Froggatt suggests, may not be as cut and dried as viewers think.

“There’s still so much to be revealed,” Froffatt says, “and so many twists and turns that the audience is really kept guessing until the satisfying conclusion at the end of episode 6!”

Liar season finale, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 10/9c, SundanceTV