‘The Deuce’: Vincent and Abby Are The Hottest, ‘Most Unlikely Twosome Ever’

The Deuce
Paul Schirald/HBO
Pictured: Margarita Levieva (Abby) and James Franco (Vincent)

It’s a match made in hell—the hell of 1970s Times Square, that is. Abby (Margarita Levieva) is an enlightened college dropout trying to get a handle on this newfangled thing called feminism—yet weirdly she’s fallen for the rough-and-tumble Vincent (James Franco), who operates a dive bar in the seediest section of 42nd Street, on HBO’s The Deuce.

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“They are the most unlikely twosome ever, with nothing in common—except they’re both searching for themselves,” Levieva says. And that age gap? No big whoop. Says the actress with a laugh: “Abby’s maturity level is high, and Vincent’s is low—so they meet beautifully in the middle.”

The Deuce, HBO