President Obama to Appear on Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

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President Obama to appear on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Seinfeld explains to The Washington Post that President Obama has “done some really good work as a monologist at those correspondents dinners—that’s how he qualifies to be on the show.” The Post reports that “Seinfeld filmed the episode with Obama on the afternoon of Dec. 7, about 16 hours after the president delivered his primetime television address on terrorism. Seinfeld and Obama took turns driving a 1963 Corvette Stingray on the circular road on the South Lawn of the White House grounds, then chatted casually over coffee about the mundane aspects of a president’s life.” PLUS: Watch the Season 7 trailer featuring Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Garry Shandling, Kathleen Madigan and Sebastian Maniscalco

Sarah Palin gets revenge on Tina Fey by starring in a 30 Rock parody

Palin got 30 Rock alum Kevin Brown, AKA Dot Com, to reprise his role in a one-minute spoof in which she plays TV writer “Lynn Melton.” Palin filmed the 30 Rock parody for a conservative website, and it was released just two days after Fey revived her Palin impression on SNL.

Donald Trump says Miss Universe flub wouldn’t have happened under his watch

The Donald also says the pageant should’ve made up for Steve Harvey’s error by making Miss Philippines and Miss Columbia co-winners. PLUS: Miss Universe’s ratings slip on Fox.

Patrick Dempsey disses Grey’s Anatomy

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly for his new Bridget Jones movie, Dempsey says the film “completely reinvigorated me. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, getting back to something that has a beginning, middle and end. It’s just a completely different approach. With Grey’s, you’re just grinding it out. In this instance, you take the time to get through things.”

Homeland Season 5 proved that it doesn’t need Carrie’s mental illness to be interesting

Homeland has never stated it so clearly: Where Superman has super strength and speed and X-ray vision, Carrie Mathison her crippling, enlightening bipolarity,” says Willa Paskin. “But despite this early gambit, this season ended up being proof that neither the show nor Carrie need her insanity to be interesting.” PLUS: How Homeland helps justify the War on Terror, why the season finale was definitive when it came to one character’s fate and why this lower-stakes Homeland season was preferable.

Why did Star Wars: The Force Awakens have so many Game of Thrones cast cameos?

Both share the same casting director, Nina Gold.

James Franco is remaking Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? for Lifetime

Franco is producing a remake of the 1996 NBC “movie-of-the-week masterpiece” that starred Tori Spelling as a college coed whose boyfriend may be a murderer.

The Man in the High Castle is Amazon’s most-streamed original series

No specific numbers were provided but as Variety notes, this is the first time Amazon has “formally mentioned any kind of viewer measurement indicator.”

Moesha feud ends after 18 years

Countess Vaughn and Brandy Norwood put to rest their differences over the weekend, via Instagram.

Bryant Gumbel: 60 Minutes gave a “big wet kiss” to NFL’s commissioner

The HBO star called out his former network for the recent 60 Minutes segment on NFL player safety.

The Affair’s Season 2 finale sets up an even more fiendish Season 3

A brilliant second season ended with a set-up for the third season. PLUS: The Affair is better when it’s incident-heavy, why The Affair should call it quits, and Stephen King explains the show’s irony.

Fuller House cast does the nae nae

Netflix has released a video of Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber mom-dancing.