The Simpsons' 25th Season Gets the Kidrobot Treatment of Mini Figures

Damian Holbrook
Courtesy Kid Robot


Mmmmmm...vinyl Homer.

In honor of The Simpsons' 25th season, mega-cool collectible company Kidrobot has created a new line of 3-inch Springfield denizens, as well as a couple mini and medium figures from pop artists Kenny Sharf and Ron English.

Packaged in blind boxes (so you don't know who you're getting) that retail at $11.99, the deep-cut miniature collection bypasses the usual suspects for lesser-celebrated but equally beloved characters like Mayor Quimby, Tow King, Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, Bart Man, several Duff mascots and the man himself, Matt Groening.

For the artsier editions, Ron English has cooked up 3-inch grinning Bart and Homers that cost $14.99 each, while Kenny Scharf's medium Bart is a trippy 6-incher that will set you back $59.99.

All of them are available now at and will be hitting stores in the near future. Check out some of the mini collectibles below.

Simpsons, Kid Robot

Bart Simpson (by Kenny Scharf)

Simpsons, Kid Robot

Radioactive Man (by Kenny Scharf)

Simpsons, Kid Robot

Fallout Boy (by Kenny Scharf)

Simpsons, Kid Robot

Homer Simpson (by Ron English)

Simpsons, Kid Robot

Bart Simpson (by Ron English)