‘Dr. Ken’s Romantic Getaway Might Hit a Few Road Bumps First (VIDEO)


It’s Hawaii or bust when Dr. Ken (Ken Jeong) and his wife, Suzy (Allison Park), plan a romantic getaway for themselves.

Only two problems: 1) Ken hasn’t exactly told his two kids that it’s an adults-only trip, and 2) He forgot to request vacation days off from work.

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But first, before he bribes his way to having coworkers cover his shifts, Ken must break the news to his kids, Dave (Albert Tsai) and Molly (Krista Marie Yu), without appearing too happy about leaving them behind.

What this exclusive sneak peek of the Dr. Ken fall finale, “The Master Scheduler,” to see the funnyman have a slightly awkward convo with his family.

Dr. Ken, Fall finale, 8:30/7:30c, Friday, Dec. 11, ABC

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