‘Girl Meets World’ Fall Finale: Rowan Blanchard on Riley’s ‘Messy Situation’ with Maya and Lucas


New Years has finally arrived on Girl Meets World. But, unfortunately for Riley, her hesitation in revealing the truth about her feelings to both Lucas and Maya resulted in Farkle declaring them aloud to everyone at the stroke of midnight. Making matters more complicated, was the fact that Riley was not able to get away before he did so.

With all the secrets now out in the open, we spoke to Rowan Blanchard about her character’s big reveal, along with her favorite scene this season.

You mentioned that one of your favorite scenes was in this episode.
My favorite scene is at the end of the episode when they’re all on the roof talking about who they like, and Riley is kind of sitting by herself [while] Maya and Lucas are talking. Farkle knows and goes “3… 2… 1!” and Riley gets caught. But I guess my favorite scene out of the whole show is the very last one where Riley, Lucas and Maya are all on the bench together. That was something that just struck me.

How does Riley feel now that Farkle has dropped this huge bomb in front of everyone?
She’s really, really confused. I don’t think she’s necessarily apologetic about the way she feels, but at the same time she doesn’t want to hurt Maya. She’s very confused. She’s not mad at Farkle, but she’s not very happy with him. I think everybody’s kind of in this weird grey zone.

I love that Farkle keeps pointing out that while this is a messy situation, maybe they can all, as friends, get through this together.
Yeah. Riley and Farkle’s relationship is very special on the show… The kids don’t know what they’re feeling. They’re very confused. They know they have feelings for this one person, but they also know that they want to keep their friendship. They all know that they should be friends. It’s very muddled.

Will we see how this episode plays out over the next few episodes?
You’ll definitely see it play out. We filmed a lot of the episodes in Season 2 out of order so there’s a weird break from when “Girl Meets New Years” premieres. I think the next few episodes aren’t in order of how we filmed it. We filmed “Girl Meets New Years” and then we filmed the finale. I think, in the finale, we definitely talk about that whole situation. It’s called “Girl Meets Legacy” and it’s kind of about what name we leave behind in middle school.

Girl Meets World returns on January 8, 2016 at 8:30/7:30c on Disney Channel.