‘Haven’s ‘A Matter of Time’ Episode: [Spoiler]’s Death and William’s Closure

Haven - Season 5

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of Haven do not continue reading or Croatoan will come after you.

It’s a sad day in Haven as Croatoan claimed yet another casualty. But this time it’s none other than his own unwitting vessel: Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth). Dave chose to sacrifice his own life when Dwight (Adam Copeland) and Vince’s (Richard Donat) efforts to rid him of his otherworldly possessor led to more death and lost time. Elsewhere in the episode, William (Colin Ferguson) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) came to an understanding, allowing Nathan to pass through the thinny and return to Haven, now armed with another crucial piece of the barn.

We spoke to showrunners Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness about Dave’s death, William’s goodbye and the version of Audrey that came out of the barn.

What has William been up to in the void before Nathan got there?
Gabrielle Stanton: He’s been wandering, trapped there the whole time. Time moves very differently in the void, so it’s kind of vague how long he’s been in there.

Might we see him again? Because he does have a ring now.
Stanton: He does have a ring. The point of it was William’s sacrifice to let Nathan come back and face things. William can move on with his own life. He’s worked through his complicated relationship with Mara and Audrey, with Nathan. He’s going off on his own journey. Sending Nathan back to Audrey was his big redeeming moment that we saw for the character.

Going back to last week’s episode, was the Audrey that we saw projected from the barn another version of Audrey, like Lucy or Sarah?
This Audrey is Sentry Audrey. It’s almost like the barn using Audrey’s form. We called her the “True Audrey.” She’s the core person. It’s really just the barn creating an image that Nathan and William would understand. But it’s that compassion that’s still a part of Audrey which allows her to understand Nathan is the one she needs to help with the crystal.

Haven - Season 5

When did you know that Dave was going to die?
Matt McGuinness: We always knew we were writing to the end of the series, and we wanted to give everyone very heroic or satisfying endings. In a weird way, Dave was running around responsible for a lot of mayhem and he knew it. So the idea that Dave would make the ultimate sacrifice to get what he needed was always in our thoughts.

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How is Vince going to cope without having his brother? They’ve always been such a team.
They are. It’s going to be very hard for him. But Vince has seen the sacrifice that Dave has made for the town, and Vince and Dave have always said that Haven is the most important thing. In the upcoming episodes, we’re going to see Vince make a decision and sacrifice of his own that kind of sets him off on a different journey.

Now that Croatoan is out of Dave, does that mean he can take physical form or does he need to possess someone else?
He can’t possess anyone else.
Stanton: [But] because of what Mara did to Duke and the amount of Troubles that were inside of Duke, Croatoan develops a deep influence over him. But Croatoan has also become powerful enough to use his own physical form.

And now that they have the aether and the controller crystal, what is the next step to rebuild the barn? Is there a way to access this knowledge from the other side?
No, they actually need one more thing to complete the barn. But that’s a bit of a spoiler. But it has to do with Agent Howard.

Now that the team is reunited, what is their dynamic again?
In the beginning it’s a little fraught because of what everyone’s done. There’s a lot of water under bridges and over dams to fix [things] between all these people. But they ultimately get to a place of great respect and affection and teamwork. But it’s not easy to get there.
Stanton: But by the end, their ties [to each other] are stronger than ever. They’ve come together and put the past behind them and they just move forward to save Haven.

What can you tell me about these last few episodes?
The last five episodes are just a giant run to the end… We realized that this is not about finding new viewers at this point. It’s about paying off all of our super loyal viewers, everything that they could have possibly wanted to know about what’s happening on Haven.

Haven airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Syfy.