After ‘SNL’, NBC Offers Donald Trump’s Rivals Up to 12 Minutes, 5 Seconds of Airtime

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After SNL, NBC offers Donald Trump’s rivals up to 12 minutes, 5 seconds of airtime

Following Trump’s stint hosting SNL, NBC stations began posting an FCC-required notice today giving Trump’s Republican rivals up to one week to claim 12 minutes of airtime. The equal-time rule, however, doesn’t grant the other candidates time on Saturday Night Live. A similar notice went up a few days after Hillary Clinton appeared on SNL for three minutes for the season premiere. PLUS: How Trump’s jokes about racism actually made him stronger, and SNL essentially gave tacit approval to Trump’s message.

Larry David’s SNL appearance with Donald Trump gets the Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment

David looked like his miserable Curb Your Enthusiasm self during the SNL good-nights. PLUS: David’s Bernie Sanders impression has gotten even better.

Marc Maron finally got Lorne Michaels’ side of his infamous SNL audition story

The SNL honcho had become the white whale for Maron’s WTF podcast — Maron had joked that he’d end his podcast with an epic Michaels interview. For today’s WTF podcast, Maron interviewed Michaels for nearly two hours, including a discussion what really happened in 1995 when Maron auditioned for a spot on Weekend Update.

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Shades of Blue trailer

The nearly three-minute trailer showcases the American Idol judge as a NYPD detective.

Blake Shelton to host Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards

The 39-year-old country star says it’s always been his dream to host the Kids’ Choice Awards.

South Park
to take on police brutality

This week’s episode will show life without “racist, trigger-happy” cops.

Jimmy Fallon joked about his latest injury by singing Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping

“I fall down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down,” Fallon sang at a Boston fundraiser. “I take a vodka drink, and a Jäger drink, and a Jäger drink.”

Did a Game of Thrones director post a major spoiler on Instagram?

Miguel Sapochnik shared a photo of the clapperboard for the Season 6 finale.

Netflix adding true crime series Making a Murderer

The 10-part docuseries about a man who was convicted and later exonerated of a brutal assault will debut on Dec. 18.

The Mindy Project‘s Ed Weeks sells ABC a comedy about a lesbian and her straight male friend

Weeks co-created the comedy, titled Wing Person.

James Corden to be featured on Kylie Minogue’s Christmas album

The Late Late Show host lent his voice to a cover of Only You.

Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings gets in trouble for insulting aging theatergoers

Jennings felt the wrath for tweeting of older theatergoers, soon they will all be dead and American theater with them.”

Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle spoofed Adele’s Hello

Watch their parody for Fox NFL Sunday.