‘Project Greenlight’ Winner ‘Frustrated’ by his Portrayal

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Project Greenlight winner “frustrated” by his portrayal
Jason Mann has watched every episode of the HBO reality show that has made him look entitled and petulant, and he’s not very happy. “Well,” he says, “I definitely see the necessity of the editors of the show to create something out of the footage they have that will be entertaining. The sort of aim of the show is to be as entertaining and addictive as possible in the tradition of reality TV. Which is a very, I think, different thing than documentary. In order to create those things, a lot of things have to be manufactured in the editing. I get it. If it was not my own personal involvement, it would probably be  different, but I definitely get frustrated in the character that they’ve created out of me.”  PLUS: Mann’s movie is indeed terrible, and Project Greenlight is making the case for reality TV’s importance.

ABC orders 3 more episodes of The Muppets

That will bring The Muppets’ freshman total to 16 episodes.

A petition calling for The View to dump Raven-Symoné has received more than 65,000 signatures

The petition is calling for Barbara Walters to boot the controversial View co-host, especially following her comments over this week’s Spring Valley High School incident. PLUS: Why does Raven-Symone keep making crazy comments?

Tony Soprano’s 2003 Cadillac Escalade is for sale

The Sopranos SUV is being auctioned off with an opening bid of $5,000.

Does HBO’s likely Game of Thrones delay have something to do with George R.R. Martin’s next book?

Perhaps HBO is giving Martin and his book publisher enough time to release The Winds of Winter.

One of Stephanie Tanner’s Full House pals is coming to the Netflix revival

Fuller House is bringing back Harry Takayama, but he’ll be played by a different actor.

Greg Berlanti credits CBS’ “masterful” plan for Supergirl’s success

“I think CBS’ whole plan for it (worked), from top to bottom — to reach out to people who like comics, people who don’t like comics, men, women,” says the producer. “Their entire launch — where they placed it on the schedule, behind an episode of Big Bang — all of it was masterful. And all of it was why they’re so good at doing what they do. They were always, from the beginning, very precise at how they wanted to introduce her to the world.”

Nashville boss: “By the end of last season, we knew we were likely headed in this direction”

Showrunner Dee Johnson explains this week’s shocking development. PLUS: How is Nashville dealing with Hayden Panettiere’s absence?, and Nashville star talks about Wednesday’s episode.

Why are primetime soaps all the rage?

Soapy twists seem to be filling primetime these days, especially on ABC with Shondaland shows and Nashville.

Fox cuts the episode order for Frankenstein drama Lookinglass

The midseason series will run 11 episodes, instead of 13.

What exactly does a comedy head writer do?

The head writer for shows like SNL, The Daily Show and The Soup is charged with doing a job that’s mostly managerial.

How the U.S. Congress inspired one of the most violent Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes

In 1994, parents complained about Itchy and Scratchy to members of Congress, who opted to denounce the Fox cartoon. As a result, The Simpsons dug in and created one of its most gory episodes. PLUS: Read an appreciation of Treehouse of Horror, are the couch gags the only thing worth watching on The Simpsons, and Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi revealed his Treehouse of Horror storyboards.

NBC is adapting Heaven Is For Real movie for TV

A TV sequel series based on the 2014 faith-based movie is in the works.

What if Friends and Gilmore Girls had all-minority stars?

An artist is recreating classic TV shows via illustrations featuring minority casts.

NBC sends a cease and desist letter to “NBC.com.co” parody news website

NBC.com.co, which falsely reported that Yelp was suing South Park and which pranked Google with fake Breaking Bad Season 6 news, has been ordered to shut down.