First Look: ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’ Ends With an Epic Meal at Langer’s Deli in L.A. (PHOTO)

I'll Have What Phil's Having
I'll Have What Phil's Having: Phil Rosenthal is joined by actor Paul Reiser and director Norman Lear at Los Angeles' famous Langer’s Delicatessen and Restaurant.

Pastrami on wry?

The November 2 season finale of PBS’s food series finds producer and host Phil Rosenthal (center) hitting L.A.’s Langer’s Deli with actor Paul Reiser (right) and legendary producer Norman Lear.

“They’re wonderful friends of mine because we love to laugh and eat,” Rosenthal says. “I’ve known Norman since he called me during season one of Everybody Loves Raymond to say he heard we were ‘mutual fans of each other.’ I only know Phil the last 10 years, but we feel like brothers.”

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On choosing where to finally meet and eat, Rosenthal shared, “Norman hadn’t been to Langer’s in many years and Paul had never been. They had to have the famous #19: pastrami, Swiss, Russian dressing and coleslaw on the world’s best rye bread. We all loved it.”

Even though the meal was memorable, the funniest moment happened when the show’s director asked for another nice shot of Norman taking a bite of dessert. “What if that’s what kills him?” joked Paul, prompting Norman to take a take a bite and pretend to drop dead! Of course, the scene was too funny not to include in the final cut.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, premieres Mondays, PBS (checking local listings)