‘Haven’ Returns: Stirring Up Troubles and (Possibly) Finding a Cure

Emily Rose as Audrey Parker and Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos in Haven

Spoiler alert! Don’t read further if you haven’t watched the Haven midseason premiere.

Living in Haven has never been easy, but as the midseason premiere revealed, things can always get worse.

With people all over town developing Troubles—or even new variations of their old ones—Audrey, Nathan and Dwight were left to manage the chaos. This led Dwight to reveal what the Troubles were to not only the entire police force but also the town at large, before announcing that the Guard would take over because of their experience dealing with Troubled people. Only, as Audrey discovered to her dismay, he began using a member of the Guard’s Trouble to maintain order in the town.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave discovered a string of bodies murdered in a similar way to the Colorado Kid—and the killer was hiding among the townspeople. Also, Charlotte revealed that she could find a cure for the Troubles, which forced Nathan to go hunting for some Aether that William may have hidden when he was in town. Elsewhere, Duke—now immune to the Troubles—left town to escape his guilt, only to find out that Haven didn’t exist to the outside world. After his attempt to help a friend’s daughter resulted in activating her Trouble, he returned to Haven with her.

With so much going down in the span of two hours, we talked to executive producer Lloyd Segan for some answers.

At the end of the episode Nathan said, “Kira’s dead.” Was that the darkness Trouble or was it related to their search for the Aether?
There’s definitely more to that. And you’ll discover more as you travel through this particular cycle.

How will Kira’s death effect Nathan and Audrey’s efforts to help the town?
It has a profound impact. None the least of which is that it gives them the opportunity to work together—which is important—and a way forward. But they’re not sure of what’s really going on and the lasting effects are of all of this. So, they have to utilize everything they know and can predict, to really suss out how to extricate this town from what is potentially its ruination.

Now that power is back on in town, will there be some sense of normalcy?
It’s relentless. There’s a true ticking clock. So there’s no sense of normalcy until they get to the bottom of what is actually the cause, because there are constant Troubles brewing all the time. It’s almost like a bobble head, or that pesky critter in your backyard. You think you got rid of it, but it pops up somehow. That’s exactly what happens here. Imagine that times a thousand, because that’s the intensity level we ramp up to.

We saw Dwight has been using unusual measures to keep order in the town. How is that going to affect him going forward?
You’re going to see a real evolution of Dwight. We’ve seen it coming. You’ll see his character arc in this cycle reflect that. He has to take a very strong, often controversial role and make very tough decisions. In some cases, a true Sophie’s choice.

Now that Audrey knows that this is what he’s doing, how will that affect their relationship?
It’s going to affect everyone’s relationship with one another. Because, even Haven-05as a viewer, you’re going to see the merits of both arguments. Now that the town is going to implode, it needs order. Yet you have to want to maintain some sense of decorum and democracy. You don’t want it to turn into a unilateral dictatorship. So what is that push-me-pull-me that is manifest in this relationship? You have three people who may in fact have three divergent points of view, some shared values, all the same goals. In the end, they’re all trying to preserve their beloved town. They have different ways of going about it. That conflict is going to rear its head throughout this season.

With the Guard back in town, will we see Vince getting more involved with them, or is it mostly Dwight for now?
Well, that’s going to be interesting to see. Because that’s part of the conflict of the community: Who’s in charge? Who’s in charge of the Guard? Who’s in charge of the police? What is the police? Is the Guard in fact supplanting the police? Who is the authority? The Guard has a specific journey and their particular goals are very different, whereas the police are a community service to protect and serve. So there’s an innate conflict. In assuming the duties of the Guard, which is essentially creating what might be a police state, it is completely antithetical to what Nathan’s core values are. That’s where the rub is.

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Duke also found out that Haven might not exist. Or is it that it can’t be found?
That’s going to be for the folks who continue to watch the season to determine. Because the truth of the matter is that in one scenario, it is conceivable that Haven does not exist and never existed, and another scenario is that it does. So that is going to [inform] the nature of what people do, and the result of what it is they accomplish will determine the answer to that question.

What does Duke’s immunity to the troubles mean for him?
The most important part of it, besides the actual mechanics of what it does, is what it does to him emotionally. That’s the journey most people will be interested in because they perceive him as one type of person, and you’re going to see the true conflict within him. And this particular issue just exacerbates that.

It’s interesting because he’s now sort of in the situation Audrey had been in the first few seasons.
That’s right. And what does he do with it? What are those conflicts within him?

HAVEN -- "Power" Episode 515 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Laura Mennell as Dr. Erin Reid -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy)

There’s the possibility of a cure for the Troubles. What can you tell me about that?
The question is what constitutes a cure. Is it a panacea? Does it just put [Troubles] in a form of remission? Or is it a true cure? In fact, what does that actually mean, and who is it that we’re curing? And do we know exactly who needs “the cure”? These are the questions that are going to come up this season. And you’re going to see how they are resolved as we come to the conclusion.

Charlotte was surprised that Dave was having visions. Does this mean he’s connected to the Croatoan?
Those visions are going to be crucial to the discovery of what’s happening, and you’ll find David’s character arc this season is crucial to unearthing what is ultimately the root of all the Troubles in Haven.

Is the Croatoan the person who’s been killing all the people?
The Croatoan is an important aspect or root to the connection of what is happening in town. You’re going to discover all the clues that’ve been a part of previous cycles and it will all lead up to the discovery of what this all means.

Will we learn about Vince’s Trouble this season?
You’re going to learn quite a bit. And you’re also going to learn how he has transformed in such a way that he could be the very link to saving the town.

Haven airs at 10:00 pm ET on Syfy.