‘Haven’: 6 “Troubling” Things to Expect Before the Show Returns Tonight

Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker in Haven - 'New World Order'
Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy
HAVEN -- "New World Order" Episode 514 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy)

Troubles are in the air when Haven returns for the second half of it’s fifth and final season on Thursday night—only this time, there’s more to face than Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and the rest of team have ever had to deal with before.

And if that isn’t worrying enough, executive producer Lloyd Segan warns that it’s about to get worse. “There’s a bigger storm coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The Syfy drama ended on a cliffhanger last year when an unsuspecting Duke (Eric Balfour), unable to contain all the Troubles contained within him, had a seizure and unleashed a whole host of them on the unsuspecting townspeople. All this after Mara—Audrey’s original incarnation from the other side—died after being folded back into Audrey by their mother, Charlotte (Laura Mennell). Meanwhile, Vince and Dave Teagues (Richard Donat and John Dunsworth) headed to the woods, after one of Dave’s visions revealed a rock with the word “Croatoan” etched into it, while Dwight’s (Adam Copeland) attempt to drive out of town was foiled by thick fog.

Ahead of its two-hour premiere, we talked to Segan about what’s in store for Audrey and company in the next couple of episodes.

With Troubles having rained down on the town, they’re no longer a secret anymore.
“Haven is a community that isn’t just troubled people. Not everybody in town knows what’s happening,” says Segan about the effects of Duke’s rain of Troubles. “The previous rules haven’t applied. All of a sudden, people who have no history of Troubles are becoming troubled. So now you have a community that has to deal with the sheer chaos of what is happening to them, some of whom have an understanding [of what the Troubles are] and some whom do not.”

Haven-02Audrey will have to figure out how to help people without her immunity to the Troubles.
“The bag of tricks she’s had in the past is not necessarily the toolbox she can reach into now,” says Segan. “There are other aspects of her personality or background that she has to reach for to find a way forward.” And to make matters a little trickier for her, Segan says having Mara folded into Audrey does not give her powers. “There are other aspects of that personality that come forth, so those are things that Audrey has to deal with. We find out later where those influences come from.”

Duke is “very emotionally wrenched” by what happened.
With his plans foiled to go into a “thinny,” the former smuggler will be searching for any way to help the town and fix what happened. “This entire experience has truly ripped him apart,” says Segan, of how Duke is dealing with the effects of the mid-season finale. “You’re going to see him on a true hero’s journey.”

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The Troubles aren’t the only thing the team will have to face.
Just because Mara’s gone doesn’t mean there isn’t another villain for the team to deal with. “This is the biggest bad you can possibly have,” says Segan. “It’s somebody we’ve wanted to get to know for a really long time and now we get to know.

Nathan and Audrey will find a few moments to enjoy being together again.
The couple will be back to doing what they do best—helping Troubled people—but they’ll still find the time to simply enjoy each other’s company. However, the duo might run into a few speed bumps going forward. “The journey of this particular cycle [of Troubles] is the ultimate push-me-pull-me in the relationship,” says Segan. “I think audiences are going to be surprised by how that relationship resolves.”

Dave’s visions will fuel his and Vince’s investigation of the “Croatoan.”
Segan says that viewers will learn about what the word means and what might have happened to that missing colony of people. “What happened there is potentially what is going to happen to Haven now.”

Haven airs at 10:00 pm ET on Syfy.