Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone Finds Himself ‘Lost in Paradise’ (VIDEO)


Tom Selleck takes a break from Blue Blood’s NYC police commissioner Frank Reagan for a ninth TV movie version of Robert Parker’s widowed Cape Cod police chief Jesse Stone.  Through eight movies, the stoic Stone has missed his wife, drunk too much and cleaned up the town of Paradise, which like most crime drama’s small towns, had an inordinate amount of violent crime.

This time around, Stone is mourning a loss, looking for a girlfriend and trying to solve the murder of an escort. Is she a victim of a serial killer (Luke Perry) or a copycat criminal?  In this exclusive video, Jesse pours himself a drink and—sort of—pours his heart out to his deputy “Suit” (Kohl Sudduth).

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise, Sunday, Oct. 18, 9/8c, Hallmark Channel