ABC Apologizes for Confusing ‘Quantico’’s Priyanka Chopra with Another Bollywood Actress

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ABC apologizes for confusing Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra with another Bollywood actress

On Monday, Nightline sent a promo for the story “How Quantico Star Priyanka Chopra Dealt With Race Issues.” But instead of showing Chopra, the promo displayed an image of Bollywood actress and former Miss World Yukta Mookhey. Chopra greeted the apology with an “Lol” on Twitter. PLUS: How Chopra breaks new ground for Indians on American TV.

Elisha Cuthbert joins Ashton Kutcher’s The Ranch

The 24 and Happy Endings alum will play Kutcher’s old flame on the Netflix family ranching series.

Trevor Noah’s Daily Show attracts 3.4 million across all Viacom networks, but only 1.09 million on Comedy Central

The simulcast across all the Viacom cable networks drew big numbers, but it was troubling that Noah’s debut was down compared to Jon Stewart when it came to Comedy Central ratings.

Nicki Minaj’s ABC Family sitcom news spawns a #YoungNicki Twitter campaign

“I am now launching a nation wide search to find #YoungNicki,” Minaj tweeted of her upcoming show. PLUS: Minaj’s project has subversive potential.

Study: Millennial cord-cutters go back to cable when they welcome kids

Nielsen found that 80% of milennials with their own homes who have started families have cable TV.

Amazon lands the Jack Ryan TV series

Carlton Cuse and Michael Bay will produce the TV update of the Tom Clancy character as a young CIA officer in his prime.

Stephen Colbert’s chat with Michelle Obama was an example of how not to conduct an interview

The first lady’s Late Show visit was played cozy and safe, with Colbert trying to ingratiate himself with her rather than ask pressing questions.

Is Seth Meyers the true heir to Jon Stewart?

Monday’s Late Night proved better at poking fun at John Boehner’s resignation than Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.

MacGyver premiered 30 years ago today

The quintessential ’80s adventure show, which inspired SNL’s MacGruber, has not aged well.

Melrose Place’s Vanessa Williams joins The Flash

Williams, not to be confused with former Miss America Vanessa Williams, will play Jesse L. Martin’s wife and Iris West’s missing mom.

The Grinder books NASCAR driver Carl Edwards

He’ll play a police deputy who pulls over Fred Savage and Rob Lowe.

NBC and BBC team for a post-WWII miniseries about Jews who fought Nazis in Britain

The 43 is a six-part miniseries telling the story of a Jewish vigilante group who fought British Nazis between 1946 and 1950.

Louis CK surfaces on Portlandia

The Louie star was spotted in Instagram pics from the set of the IFC comedy.

Jon Gruden is ESPN’s highest-paid personality

The Monday Night Football analyst makes about $6.5 million per year.

Amber Rose to guest on Black-ish

The model will play Deon Cole’s past love interest.

Reality TV producers insist reality isn’t dead — at least for legacy shows

Despite the failure to create exciting new reality shows, longstanding shows like Survivor and The Bachelor are still thriving.

Game of Thrones’ language creator translates Donald Trump into Dothraki

David J. Peterson, inventor of the Dothraki and Valyrian languages, also translated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Breaking Bad ended 2 years ago today — 8 of its actors tell what happened to their characters

Laura Fraser, who played Lydia Rodarte-Quale, says: “Funnily enough, Lydia was saved by the wonderful (if somewhat naïve) emergency unit at her local hospital and is now living a witness protection-like existence in Eastern Europe.”

TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything combines Leslie Stahl with the most annoying guy at the party

Adam Conover says of his new show: “It’s the reaction I’ve gotten my whole life: that I learn something and try to tell people in conversation, but when I tell them, they are annoyed.”