‘Blindspot’ Premiere: 23 Lingering Questions About Tattoos, Flashbacks and What Chao Knew


More than any new show this fall, NBC’s Blindspot leaves a lot unanswered. After tuning into Monday night’s premiere, you may have thought you’d have some answers about the naked tattooed woman who showed up in the middle of Times Square in a duffel bag—and you’d mostly be wrong. Here are 23 questions we have after that high-octane premiere.

Who put Jane Doe in a duffel bag? We know why she was in a duffel bag—to grab the attention of the FBI. But who put her there? Could it have been a strange bearded man we will discuss in further detail below?

Why is Jane tatted up? Special agent Kurt Weller and his team figure out the tattoos are a puzzle, a treasure map, if you will, to discover crimes that have yet to be committed. But why couldn’t this map have been placed on a piece of paper instead of poor Jane’s entire body?

How is Jane’s hair so chic? Was there a salon inside that duffel bag specializing in severe-yet-sexy bobs?

Blindspot Premiere Kurt

Kurt, what’s the deal?

Why did Kurt Weller get called out? His name was the most prominent tattoo on Jane’s body. So whoever did this to Jane clearly wanted Weller to be the one uncovering this mystery. Does this mean Jane and Kurt are somehow linked?

Why couldn’t the FBI give Jane a proper shirt? They found her naked in a duffel bag, and all they could scrounge up for her to put on while they probed her was a tank top? At the very least, where’s her complimentary victim’s shawl?

What food did Jane choose? Kurt told Jane she could order food, Jane said she didn’t know what she liked, and so Kurt told her he’d get her some menus. How is that going to help? Just tell her that pizza is delicious, bro!

Why doesn’t Jane dream? Her first night home, she didn’t dream of anything. Suspicious.

Why does Jane hate tea? Tea is excellent and tastes nothing like “grass trimmings,” Jane.

How does Jane know Chinese? Something tells us that wasn’t just a mandatory high school credit fulfillment.

Is Kurt kind of a dick? Or does he just want to do his job by the book? Jury’s out.

Where’d Jane learn to fight like that? She took out that guy who was roughing up his wife real quick.

Was she “chosen” to be the victim of whatever’s going on? She asks Kurt, “Is that why I was chosen? Because of what I can do?” But let’s back up a bit—how do we know you were chosen in the first place, Jane? You could have signed up for whatever this is, and then became a total badass warrior. The last scene makes the latter look quite possible.

Does Jane have photographic memory? She recognized Chao’s jacket on the street from a photo in his apartment. FYI: a lot of people on the streets of New York wear utilitarian jackets.

How long is that subway line going to be closed? If a “sick passenger” can make an A train wait in a tunnel for an hour on a Monday morning while you’re trying to get to work, that explosion could probably put a train out of commission for a good couple months. We have a headache just thinking about that commute.

How is Jane so good at… everything? Hand-to-hand combat, foreign languages, marksmanship—home girl knows her stuff.

So is she a Navy SEAL? She has a tattoo that seems to imply it. But maybe she’s just really into supporting our troops? If she lives in NY, after all, she probably doesn’t have a car with which to express this sentiment via bumper sticker. Plus, the team reveals there’s never been a female Navy SEAL, but that probably wouldn’t be public information, and if she was special ops that would explain her fingerprints being untraceable.

What was up with that flashback? After Jane saved Kurt’s life, she surfaced a memory of training with shooting targets. “You missed two,” a mysterious bearded guy told her, “Do it again.” Why was she able to remember this, and what does it mean?

What is Mayfair hiding? We got to see glimpses of a case file with her name on it that featured the words “murder” and “embezzlement.” And a case number that matches one of Jane’s tattoos. Why is she not telling anyone about this?

Are Jane and Kurt going to bang? It’s too soon to tell, but c’mon, they have to, right? It’s day two, and she’s crying into his chest! Bonus: she already has the trashy tattoo of his name to later regret!

Who was that creepy bearded dude? The guy from the flashback shows up again in the last scene as Chao pleads, “Everything happened the way it was supposed to.” “No,” the beard replies, “You were supposed to die. You for your sister, that was the deal.” He then kills Chao. Scary!

So what did Chao know? His final words: “I won’t tell them anything, I swear.”

Did Jane willingly have her memory erased? It would certainly appear so. In a final flashback, the beardo tells Jane, “Once I insert this, you will be permanently erased. Everything that you have been will cease to exist.” “I know,” Jane says, “But it’s my only choice.” Say what?

Is Jane Doe our favorite new complicated, butt-kicking badass? Oh, hell yes.