Patrick Stewart Just Wants to Be Spooned on ‘Blunt Talk’ (VIDEO)

Walter Blunt (Patrick Stewart) finds himself in the depths of despair on the next episode of Blunt Talk, “A Beaver That’s Lost Its Mind,” airing tomorrow. The downcast news anchor is having a pity party of one (“I’m losing my way again…uncentered and unmoored”) as both his manhood and his fatherhood skills are challenged.

“You can’t lose your way again… You just lost it two weeks ago! Stop being a baby!” scolds his executive producer, Rosalie (Jackie Weaver), to no avail.

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Too bad Blunt’s down about Vivian, his ex-wife, dating Moby (yes, that Moby) and refusing to allow visitation rights for their son, Bertie.

Only one thing will help Blunt feel better: being spooned by Rosalie. But will she give in to his demands?

Patrick Stewart - Spoon Me gif - Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk, Saturdays, 9/8c, Starz