What’s Worth Watching: Death and Rebirth on American Odyssey

American Odyssey
Keith Bernstein/NBC
American Odyssey

American Odyssey, “Gingerbread” (Sunday, June 14, 10/9c, NBC)

With only three episodes to go, the conspiracy thriller’s trio of whistleblowers discover who’s with ’em and who’s against ’em, and the truth can be devastating. In Mali, the charming French drug dealer Luc (Gregory Fitoussi) makes more deals to survive, after having delivered sergeant Odelle (the always stellar Anna Friel) to local people who in turn pass her to the villainous mercenary group Osela.

As Odelle is tortured in the African desert–look for her mud mouthwash–, there’s contact back in New York between two of the three stars for the first time! Peter (Peter Facinelli), who’s been playing nice with the corrupt corporation that he’s trying to bring down, finally approaches the do-gooder Harrison (Jake Robinson) with an an offer to work together to expose Osela and its employer Societal Mining. Harrison may not trust Peter, but against all common sense, he still trusts Ruby (Daniella Pineda) even when she drives up in a fancy car and takes him to a deserted beach cottage. Both men will suffer loss. Not everyone makes it out of the emotional and twisty episode alive.