‘BoJack’ Jokes: What You Missed in Season 2, Episodes 10-12 (Part 4)


The visual world of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman is loaded with callbacks, set-ups, puns and minutiae We’ve shown you the hundreds of hidden gems in Episodes 1-3, Episodes 4-6 and Episodes 7-9; now, here’s everything we noticed from Episodes 10-12.

Episode 10, “Yes And”:


Aw, Diane’s wearing the shirt from her ill-fated surprise birthday party in Episode 4.


Thank you for the warning, Background Dog.


Hey, Debra got her new face!


Not only will Shenanigags teach you about spacework and mouth sounds, but it’ll show you how to create a Facebook invitation that people will want to say “yes” to.




Aw, this lady pigeon’s egg hatched. And she’s feeding it! (Remember this for Episode 12.)



Hold on, we’ve seen that guy in the newsboy cap and flannel shirt before… He fell into the giant hole in the floor of Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter’s “Only Open in January” Halloween store (Season 1).


Nice to see that robin PA’s feathers have grown back after Episode 8’s calamities.


“Should I give him a sitcom?” Wanda asks about Emeril Lagasse. NBC did give Emeril a sitcom back in 2001; it was canceled after a few episodes. The painting in the background is quite similar to several of Titian‘s paintings, like The Venus of Urbino and the Danaë series.


Wanda is still working her way through the technological advances of the last 30 years—she’s still using a Selectric.


Guten Bourbon was the company Todd ended up doing a commercial for after BoJack bailed on the shoot in Season 1. They apparently make beer and bourbon. Unless that’s bourbon in those cans, which, yikes. (You can see cases of the stuff in the background all throughout this season.)


Diane is building a tower using Slender Wheets and Cheese Squirt while munching on Wooffles (which are hopefully a Mr. Peanutbutter favorite).


Princess Carolyn still has Herb Kazzaz’s ashes.


Abe’s water bottle says “catfish” in Italian. Well, more precisely, “Fish Cat.”


BoJack and Diane’s “Buckingcan Palace” is followed by all sorts of Modern Wonders of the World.: The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty…


The painting in Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter’s room is still damaged from Becca the chicken. And, aw, Mr. PB is using CliffsNotes to get closer to his boss, J.D. Salinger.

Episode 11, “Escape from L.A.”:


Charlotte’s family went to Todd’s Disneyland.


The café Princess Carolyn is at can no longer serve lattes because she drank all the milk.


Charlotte’s daughter Penny has the Best Smile, and Alison Flierl is Most Likely to Succeed. Rachel Kaplan, on the other hand, is Most Likely to Eat Seeds, and Willis Woodward is simply “The Bean.”


A “Class Clownfish” category is quite species-ist, if you think about it.



We can’t be 100 percent sure the coyote is chasing the roadrunner. Maybe they just both happen to be out for a run at the same time.



Posters in Penny’s room: Bunny Ver (Bon Iver), F.K.A. Pigs (F.K.A. Twigs), Llama Del Rey (Lana Del Rey).


A) The Bean Me Up Café is out of this world, supposedly. B) We’re curious about the business models of Bed Bath & Rocks and Cacti ‘R’ Us. C) Say “The Gila” like an Irishman and you’ll get that one.


You subject a possum to a sudden flash of light, you get the picture you deserve.


Fun fact: The main ingredient in Glow Sticks is glow sticks. And unless you’re a cool 5-7-year-old, no glow sticks for you.


Yes, BoJack’s boat is named “Escape from L.A.,” the episode’s title, but more importantly, it is being towed by Stoat’s Boat Totes Tows Boats.

Episode 12, “Out to Sea”:


The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly in the BoJackverse. (Also: possible shout-out to Phil and Lem from Better Off Ted?)



Mr. PB’s favorite berry is Barry Bostwick. Also accepted: Frankenberry. Also, we have totally seen “My Other Bike Is a Tree” Shirt Guy before—at PB Livin’s Smoodeez launch party in Season 1 (bottom).


The pigeonling from Episode 10 is already learning to fly!


What else did you think Lance Bass could be?


Yeah, the sea life need a separate entrance than the landlubbers. The lifeboats on the Giggle Ship are also called “Chuckledinghies.”


Of course Copernicus has a poster of Improv Patron Saint Wayne Brady in his fake cabin.


Those butt jokes really are a gas. All 101 of them. (Also: “Abutt” the Author.)


Sextina Aquafina.


RIP, Corduroy Jackson-Jackson, who just couldn’t resist the call of the Blue-Face Blast-Off/Strokey Chokey/Two-Neck Squeeze. Debra’s New Face isn’t so bad, though.


-It would be fun if the hammerhead in the “Hammer Time” tee were the same one who was helping build the gameshow set in Episode 7.
-The woman in the burka next to BoJack can be seen in the background of Episode 7, when BoJack and Diane and Princess Carolyn are about to board their flight to Juneau.
-The crane behind BoJack can be seen in Episode 9, when Diane is waiting for her luggage at LAX. (He’s got a broken arm/wing.)
-The lemur in a bowler hat is the photographer for Mr. Peanutbutter and Hank Hippopopalous’ publicity shoot.


Good to see the “Fish Happens” fish from Episode 4 got that hook out of his mouth.


Poor Herb, now immortalized as “Jerb” Kazzaz. They managed to tape his urn back together, at least.


Chekhov’s Jogging Baboon!


How many of BoJack Horseman‘s hundreds of hidden jokes, puns, sight gags and pop culture references did you spot? See what you missed in Episodes 1-3, Episodes 4-6, Episodes 7-9 and Episodes 10-12.

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