Report: ‘Banshee’ to end with season 4

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Report: Banshee to end with Season 4

Cinemax hasn’t confirmed it, but TV Line reports that the eight-episode Season 4 will be the action-drama’s last season.

Cindy Crawford is developing an NBC drama on the 1980s modeling wars

Crawford will serve only as producer on the proposed series, tentatively titled Icon. She won’t be making a cameo appearance.

Miley Cyrus shows off her middle fingers in MTV VMAs promo

“F*ck Yeah VMAzzzzzz!” Cyrus wrote on Instagram.

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show nabs guest-stars Claire Danes, Noah Emmerich and Todd Barry

The Homeland star will guest as Ansari’s love interest on Master of None, which will build on his stand-up material. PLUS: Why Ansari cast his real-life parents.

Sleepy Hollow
security guard kidnapped while guarding the show’s set

Police have arrested three youths who are accused of forcing the security guard into the trunk of her car to withdraw cash from the ATM.

Syfy orders a sequel to Lavalantula

Syfy hopes to replicate the success of Sharknado by ordering 2 Lava 2 Lantula! Premiering last week, Lavalantula starred Steve Guttenberg and some of his Police Academy co-stars.

Appellate court judge cites The Wire to make a point

Judge Douglas R.M. Nazarian of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals used words spoken by Stringer Bell in the footnotes of a recent judicial opinion.

alum George Eads surfaces on Flipping Out

Eads didn’t sign on for the CSI finale, but he’ll seek assistance from Jeff Lewis on Bravo Wednesday in redesigning his house.

’s Colin Jost would like to see Stephen Colbert and Dave Chappelle as hosts

In a Reddit AMA, the Weekend Update anchor also recalled his transition from writer to performer on Saturday Night Live.

to take on Jaws, again

On Mythbusters vs. Jaws, Adam and Jamie will revisit a controversial 10-year-old episode in which they busted a myth that shooting a scuba tank with a bullet would actually make it explode. Some fans disagreed with the methodology, so they’ll try it again.

Doctor Who
’s Season 9 premiere will be shown in theaters as part of a 2-night event

The theatrical event will include a 3D version of the Season 8 two-part finale.

Jeffrey Tambor has had 3 roles of a lifetime

On The Larry Sanders Show, on Arrested Development and on Transparent.

writing vet Paula Pell to create a comedy for HBO

The untitled project will revolve around a “fallen Olympic figure skater who returns home to Massachusetts to confront her former bullish coach and narcissistic mother who have cashed in on her success.”

The Bachelorette
shows there’s a thin line between sweet and creepy

Some of the contestants, including winner Shawn Booth, could’ve easily been classified as being creepy with regards to Kaitlyn. PLUS: The Bachelorette found the lamest way to accommodate casual sex, why Kaitlyn and Shawn will defy the odds, and Ben Higgins may be dating Bachelor alum Tenley.

Syfy orders grindhouse drama Blood Drive

The cable network hopes to tap into the grindhouse movie tradition with a show about a twisted, gory cross-country death race.

Nothing will change on Longmire, but it’ll feel different on Netflix

“We are not changing our approach to storytelling,” says exec producer Hunt Baldwin. “But I think the end result feels very different, more cinematic, more complete and more complex.”

Jessica Jones
boss promises a “wildly different” show from Daredevil

“The mythology of the universe is connected, but they look very different. Tonally, they’re very different,” says showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. “They’re wildly different.”

Outlander finds its King Louis XV

French actor Lionel Lingelser will join the Starz series for Season 2.

Odd Mom Out’s Abby Elliott recalls getting fired from SNL

The daughter of former cast member Chris Elliott was just 21 when she joined Saturday Night Live in 2008. “At SNL going in and being 21 and not really having had 10 years of Groundlings experience under my belt, I didn’t have the confidence that I do now,” she says.

PBS delves into The Bomb

Unfortunately, tonight’s two-hour documentary is too much of a familiar history lesson on nuclear weapons.