What's Worth Watching: Bullseye Hits the Mark

Rob Moynihan
Michael Weaver / FOX


Bullseye, "Bullseye Bumper Cars" (Wednesday, June 10, 9/8c, Fox)

Summer TV gets a shot of adrenaline with the new Fox reality competition series Bullseye. On paper, it appears to be a hybrid of two classic franchises: ABC's Wipeout and NBC's Fear Factor. Each week, eight new contestants face off in extreme challenges where they use their bodies as human darts in an attempt to come closest to the center of a bullseye. Those "extreme challenges" include being tethered to and dragged by a helicopter, being launched out of a human slingshot catapult and racing around a giant course on ATVs. Tonight, host Kellan Lutz (Twilight) introduces the new players to Bullseye's version of bumper cars, and they are not your standard amusement park kiddie ride. At the end of the hour, somebody will walk away with $50,000 in their pocket, and a sense of great accomplishment for defying the odds--and gravity--for the sake of good old fashioned summer fun.