What's Worth Watching: Branson Taxi Shifts Into Gear

Emily Aslanian
Elite Production Photography/REELZ Channel

Branson Taxi

Branson Taxi, "Airport Cab Excellence" (Saturday, June 6, 9:30/8:30c, Reelz)

Hop in, and buckle up for Reelz's latest reality series. We drive along with Scott Thompson and his Missouri cab company team –family, friends, and some idiosyncratic cabbies –of Branson Taxi, as they take the market by storm in the entertainment capital of America. In tonight's premiere, a hotel manager informs Scott that a Branson customer experienced an awful ride from the airport. Scott quickly devises a new system to not only please the riders – using everything from orange peels to kittens in a focus group montage – but to also convince every hotel in the area to call Branson first. Now that's how you run a good business