What's Worth Watching: The Departed Wants You to Say Hi to Your Mother for It

Oriana Schwindt
The Departed
Warner Bros./Everett Collection

The Departed

The Departed (Wednesday, June 3, 8/7c, IFC)

Scorsese is a New York boy through and through, so it's funny that the film that finally won him that Best Director Oscar was set in Boston. Leonardo DiCaprio gives what might be the best performance of his career as undercover cop Billy Costigan. Matt Damon's accent is a little weird, which is even weirder because of his status as Boston Native, but he's so eminently hateable as dirty cop Colin Sullivan it doesn't matter. Even Mark Wahlberg manages to put his smarm and inherent indignation to exceptional use. Everyone in this movie is angry, constantly, and it's beautiful. And since it's airing on IFC, it'll run its full length and with all the delicious swears in place.