Nurse Cain’s Dilemma Intensifies in This Week’s ‘Night Shift’

The Night Shift - Mark Consuelos
Cathy Kanavy/NBC

Headstrong new nurse Cain Diaz (Mark Consuelos, above) has raised his reputation among his ER colleagues thanks to some ace work over the last few episodes (even if he occasionally went rogue). But that doesn’t mean things can’t go bust when the casualties from a hotel fire come rolling through the door, forcing him to collaborate with veteran doctor Jordan (Jill Flint). “Cain likes where he is in this hospital and he doesn’t want to screw it up,” Consuelos says, “but he keeps doing what he’s used to doing, which gets him into a bit of trouble.” And trouble is something he’s not going to need any more of now that rebel doc TC (Eoin Macken) is on his way back from Syria (he arrives home in tonight’s installment). Two hot-blooded males who always think they’re right—in an emergency room full of injured people, no less—is never better than one.

The Night Shift, Thursday, July 27, 10/9c, NBC