Mark Consuelos Is the New Nurse on ‘The Night Shift’

The Night Shift - Mark Consuelos, first look
John Britt/NBC
J.R. Lemon, Tanaya Beatty and Mark Consuelos

Nurse fight! The atmosphere in The Night Shift’s San Antonio Memorial Hospital gets hotter than the Texas weather when Mark Consuelos debuts as headstrong Nurse Cain in the Season 4 premiere. Cain’s time working in a violent area of Mexico makes him too sure-footed in the ER—which RN Kenny (J.R. Lemon, near right, with Tanaya Beatty and Consuelos) cannot abide. “They go head-to-head,” Consuelos says. “Kenny sees Cain doing more than he should. It’s a ‘stay in your lane’ situation.”

The Night Shift, Season Premiere, Thursday, June 22, 10/9c, NBC