What's Worth Watching: Young & See You Later

Emily Aslanian
Ron Tom/Abc Family

Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry, "Young & Part Two" (Wednesday, May 27, 8/7c, ABC Family)

Young & Hungry's spring finale is tonight, so who is it going be for Ms. Gabi Diamond (Emily Osment)? Will she finally choose her boss Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) who she's had sparks with since the beginning, or her recent boyfriend Cooper (Jesse McCartney), who literally moved across the world to be with her? Or neither! It's not like either man particularly deserves her at this point, considering all the lying that's gone on behind her back – not to mention last week's blowout when we thought Gabi had (maybe) finally made her pick. The arrow might point to that neither in tonight's episode when Gabi auditions for a new job – in Switzerland. The position's locale may be neutral, but we know Gabi's heart isn't. Fingers crossed we aren't given a cliffhanger to hold the season over until it returns on August 12.