Modern Family’s Finale Cliffhanger Leaves Us With 6 Big Questions

Modern Family Season 6 finale
Tony Rivetti/ABC
Modern Family Season 6 finale

Modern Family wrapped up its sixth season Wednesday night and, surprisingly, left us with a major cliff-hanger. Both Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Andy (Adam DeVine) admit to Phil (Ty Burrell) that they might love someone they can’t have, and it’s not until the last minute that Phil realizes each was referring to the other. But as Andy heads out to propose to his other love interest Beth (Boooo!), it appears it might be too late for our star-crossed lovers to get together. Here are the six questions that scenario and others from the finale will have us pondering in the off season:

Will Andy and Haley get their happily ever after?

As things stand, Andy’s about to go commit himself to a lifetime with his beautiful Coast Guard girlfriend. Phil, who was communicating with the others this episode via video chat, was *this close* to getting Haley and Andy to realize their feelings for one another. But he lost service right when it counted. Will he be able to get in touch with Haley in time for her to crash that proposal? And if she does, will Andy have the cajones to ditch Beth on the beach?

Will Alex find a way to stick around? The first Modern Family kid to graduate high school, Haley, went off to college, only to get kicked out and return fairly quickly. Alex is now headed to CalTech, and as a straight-A student, she seems far more likely to actually stick college out. But will that mean she’ll have a significantly reduced presence next year?

Will we get to see Claire and Alex’s European vacation?

We certainly hope so, because a special episode in which the duo take Amsterdam sounds like must-see TV.

Will Cam and Mitch have another baby?

More than once the two dads have considered the idea of adopting a sibling for Lily. Those plans seemed squashed in a recent episode after they struggled with babysitting Joe. But news in the finale that the couple will be able to close on the apartment above theirs seems to indicate the couple could finally be ready for a new addition to the family.

Will Mitch get a job?

Of course, before another baby comes along, Mitch is going to have to find a new job. Will he stay in environmental law? Or will he use this to start an exciting new chapter in his life as, say, the owner of a bow-tie boutique?

Will Luke’s voice continue to get deeper?

Seriously, this kid is going to sound like Morgan Freeman by the time the series ends.