What's Worth Watching: How (Not) To Kill Your Husband, just in case you need help with homicide.

Damian Holbrook
Investigation Discovery

How to (not) kill your husband

How (Not) To Kill Your Husband, "Hell Over Heels" (Saturday, May 23, 10/9c, ID Discovery)

First off, you gotta love a show title that really knows what it's doing. Unlike the wives behind the botched murder attempts this show re-enacts every week, who clearly haven't watched ID Discovery's other shows—which often give handy tips for committing crimes. Each woman profiled so far has made a massive mistake that has led the cops right to their door, and tonight's failed femme fatales seem to be no different. There's a newlywed with a honeymoon from hell planned for her hubby, a tale of divorce-gone-deadly, and a put-upon card player from England who wants to deal her spouse the ultimate losing hand. It's all campy and creepy at the same time, because despite the overly-dramatic interpretations, we're still talking about people who have either been pushed to the edge or placed in situations where they see no other way out. So really, if there is one real lesson to be learned from Kill Your Husband, it's probably to seek out professional help before you wind up one of its subjects.