What’s Worth Watching: Those Things Will Kill You

Silicon Valley - Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani
From Left: Courtesy Everett Collection; Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, “Homicide” (Sunday, May 17, 10/9c, HBO)

Here’s yet another reason to watch Silicon Valley: It’s educational. Last season, Jared (Zach Woods) introduced the boys (and us) to the fancy to-do-list process Scrum. Tonight, he cranks it up to the fancy pro-and-con list process SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Jared wants Richard (Thomas Middleditch) and Erlich (T.J. Miller) to SWOT (yep, you can use it as a verb) their decision on whether they should team up with an energy drink company that wants to live stream a stunt driver vaulting from one very high building to another high building. They ignore him. What happens is very funny, a little gross, and a bit sad. Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) do use SWOT however: To decide whether or not to tell the rude, condescending, jackass driver (who has a very hot girlfriend) that he calculated the jump wrong and is going to plunge to his death.