A&E is promoting ‘Damien’ at Comic-Con alongside Christian activists

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A&E is promoting Damien at Comic-Con alongside Christian activists

Protesters promoting Jesus Christ today were greeted by A&E’s viral marketing campaign for Damien proclaming that “The Beast Rises.” Additionally, fliers were handing out reading “The end of days is near!” and “Atrocities fill our airwaves. Atrocities crowd out the Internet. Atrocities stain our history.”

Watch the new Doctor Who trailer, featuring Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams

While the trailer offers a glimpse of Williams, exec producer Steven Moffat declined to go into details about her role today at Comic-Con. “It’s going to be surprising what she gets up to,” he said. PLUS: Doctor Who’s premiere date set for Sept. 19.

Amazon is giving a second chance to Bryan Cranston’s Sneaky Pete

Rejected by CBS, the Cranston-produced Sneaky Pete pilot will be featured on Amazon in August, presumably so that viewers can vote on it. Cranston is at Comic-Con today trying to promote Sneaky Pete by having his Twitter followers search for a “Con.”

gets a super-sized Season 2 premiere following Supergirl’s debut

The 90-minute premiere will follow Supergirl on Oct. 26 at 9:30.

Check out Bruce Campbell as Fargo‘s Ronald Reagan

FX passed out “Reagan for President” buttons promoting Season 2 at Comic-Con, featuring Campbell as the 40th president.

‘s Victorian Christmas special will premiere in select theaters

Today at Comic-Con, Steven Moffat also unveiled a trailer for the Victorian special.

Lifetime will celebrate Thanksgiving with Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow, starring Mary Steenburgen and Ludacris

Based on a story Henson created in 1968, the Thanksgiving movie special follows a group of magical creatures in the woods. It’s being produced by Lisa Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter.