TV’s Best Lines: Deathbed Revenge, Monarchy Blues



“Enjoy your life in prison, my dear. May you suffer greatly.”

–Victoria Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe) last words to Emily (Emily VanCamp).


“I didn’t want to have to tell you like this but… I’m gay. But not to worry, it’s only until I eat my next brain.” Lowell (Bradley James)

–Liv’s (Rose McIver) new zombie love interest Lowell (Bradley James) has lost interest in her, temporarily, after taking on characteristics of his last meal.

Mad Men

Don: “How do I describe California in a way that won’t make them jealous?”
Ted: “Tell them my ex-wife lives there.”

–Don (Jon Hamm) is trying to “save the firm, one last time,” while Ted (Kevin Rahm) has come to terms with the move to California.

The Royals

“The throne is just a piece of furniture, and that ring on your finger is just a stone.”

–King Simon (Vincent Regan) can’t take his wife’s infidelity and his children’s crazy antics anymore and decides he’d rather abolish the monarchy.