What’s Worth Watching: Happy Birthday, Katharine Hepburn

Holiday - Doris Nolan, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn
Courtesy of Everett Collection

TCM Birthday Tribute—Katharine Hepburn (Tuesday, May 12, 6:15a/5:15c, TCM)

If Katharine Hepburn were still alive today, she’d be happy to know that roomy, wide-leg trousers are back in. Who am I kidding? She’d be 108 years old and probably wouldn’t give a hoot. Nor would she care that TCM is celebrating her birth on May 12, 1907 with a daytime marathon of her films, including backstage drama Morning Glory (for which she won her first Oscar at 26), screwball comedy Holiday (which co-stars Cary Grant), and psychological drama Suddenly, Last Summer (in which she plays a dowager who tries buy Elizabeth Taylor’s character a lobotomy she doesn’t need). But just because Hepburn can’t hypothetically appreciate 14 hours of perfectly delivered pithy bon mots, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.