What’s Worth Watching: Rage Against the Machine on Person of Interest

Person of Interest
Giovanni Rufino/CBS
Person of Interest

Person of Interest, “YHWH” (Tuesday, May 5, 10/9c, CBS)

Is there a TV hero more noble, yet more mysterious, than the enigma known as “The Machine” on Person of Interest? “I will not fail you now,” the entity announced last week to its trapped human counterparts, Root (Amy Acker) and Finch (Michael Emerson), as it ignored their pleas and offered its location up to the evil Artificial Intelligence nemesis called Samaritan. Anything to save the good guys.

With something called “The Correction” about to occur—while Samaritan’s black-hat operatives issue portentous warnings like, “The world is about to catch fire,” and “Samaritan will build a new world, a better world”—it’s up to Finch and Root to rescue The Machine, and perhaps save the world in the process. And that’s not the only war breaking out in the season finale. Reese (Jim Caviezel) would like to be part of the save-the-Machine crusade, but he finds himself caught in the crossfire between criminal masterminds Elias (Enrico Colantoni) and Dominic (Winston Duke), a conflagration that could make the mob war unfolding over on Gotham look like child’s play.