What's Worth Watching: The Final Countdown

Aubry D'Arminio
Courtesy of Investigation Discovery

The Killing Hour

The Killing Hour, "The Bambi Massacre" (Friday, May 1, 10/9c, Investigation Discovery)

There's nothing really unique about Investigation Discovery's The Killing Hour. It's a true crime series with a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen, ticking off the days, hours, and minutes until a victim screams herself (or, occasionally, himself) off this mortal coil. But lower your standards enough, and this show will suck you in. Tonight, a man murders his parents, sister, and two young nephews one-by-one in their East England farmhouse. Killing details the progression of his twisted resentment towards his family, then reenacts the 48 hours or so before the horrible deed. There are enough shocking revelations along the way to rile your brain. Example: This monster shot one of the boys through the head while he was still sucking his thumb.