John Oliver gets Martin Sheen to Star in a Celebratory Version of CNN’s Doomsday Video

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John Oliver gets Martin Sheen to star in a celebratory version of CNN’s doomsday video
Last Week Tonight has responded to the CNN doomsday video that was uncovered in January.

Did Game of Thrones intentionally call back to its Season 3 finale?
How Sunday’s episode helped redeem one of the HBO series’ most controversial moments. PLUS: Maisie Williams on moving from Belfast to Croatia for The House of Black and White, read an interview with the returning fan favorite, did the return feel “a bit fan-servicy”?, this episode helped make Cersei the most fascinating character, Gwendoline Christie reveals what was actually in the script, a complete guide to all of Episode 2’s unfamiliar faces, and HBO tells a Williamsburg video store to stop showing Game of Thrones.

Silicon Valley really did create a “Bro app”
However, HBO has no plans to publicly release the app inspired by the Yo app.

Conan O’Brien called out one of his writers for ranting against other late-night shows
Writer Andres du Bouchet’s since-deleted tweets (documented here) seemed to be targeting Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel’s shows with complaints about pranks, celebrity stunts, hashtag wars and lip sync battles. “Comedy in 2015 needs a severe motherf*cking shakeup,” he tweeted. “No celebrities, no parodies, no pranks, no mash-ups or hashtag wars. I’m fat.” Conan responded to his writer’s rant on Twitter: “I wish one of my writers would focus on making my show funnier instead of tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy.”

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Chinese car ad is very Sherlock-like
The MG Cars ad even uses Sherlock-sounding music.

Don Francisco calls the end of Sábado Gigante a “great victory”
It’s a great victory, the host said, “because thanks to the support, the applause of all of you, we have achieved what no other channel has achieved. We have built a history that no one else built, a history unrepeatable. Sábado Gigante allowed all of us who work here to achieve impossible dreams. It’s a moment to close this story with dignity, on the best level, to the best ability of all of us who work here at the same time — with the highest ratings.”

Tony Hale talks about his big Veep moment
Sunday’s momentous scene required a lot of rehearsal time. PLUS: How is Gary affected going forward?, and Gary Cole on Armando Iannucci leaving.

British tabloid uses The Simpsons to bash a UK prime minister candidate
Check out The Sun’s two-page “Manifest-D’oh” spread against the Labor Party’s Ed Miliband.

So far, Mad Men‘s final season has revealed a pattern
“Some of it may be in shorthand, some of it may remain enigmatically mysterious and, as it should, some if it will be unknowable,” says Tim Goodman. “However, three episodes into this last half (seven episodes) of the seventh season, a pattern is emerging. (Matthew) Weiner is giving us hints about a character and then pulling back.” PLUS: Sunday’s episode ended with a hit song from 1972, Kiernan Shipka recalls working with Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez at the “Jimmy Kimmel School of Comedic Youth Arts,” and meet the guy who lives in the NYC studio apartment from the Mad Men pilot.