Chris Hansen is Using Kickstarter to Launch a New Version of To Catch a Predator

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Chris Hansen is using Kickstarter to launch a new version of To Catch a Predator
The controversial former “Dateline” star hopes to raise $400,000 to create Hansen vs. Predator.

Fox plans to remake Rocky Horror Picture Show as a TV movie
High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega will direct, produce and choreograph the remake of the cult 1975 film, which won’t be shown live. This will be Fox’s 2nd attempt to remake Rocky Horror. The network announced plans in 2002 to remake the film for its 30th anniversary.

Jon Bon Jovi reality show will send rock stars back home to see the life they could’ve lived
If I Wasn’t A Rock Star will send rock stars to meet their “civilian alter egos” to see what might’ve happened if they didn’t make it in show business. “I was drawn to this project simply because it will be a celebration of the working men and women of this country,” says Bon Jovi.

Which network morning news show spends the most time on “corporate synergy”?
For one week, The Hollywood Reporter timed all three network morning show, and found that Good Morning America spent the most time plugging projects under the ABC/Disney umbrella, including Cinderella and The Bachelor.

University of Iowa’s Master of Fine Arts program has received a 10% surge in applications — thanks to Girls?
“I’m deluged,” says Lan Samantha Chang, director of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, who attributes some of the increase to Hannah Horvath’s acceptance to the program last year.

Sue Perkins, the odds-on fave to be the new Top Gear host, is receiving sexist abuse on Twitter
The Great British Bake Off co-presenter called her Twitter abusers “middle-aged man-trolls.”

CW to air Significant Mother this summer
Krista Allen and Jonathan Silverman star in a comedy about a guy who discovers his best friend/roommate is dating his mom.

Veep will steal ideas from real-life politicians, but won’t allow them on the show
“We don’t allow it. We want to have our own world, our own reality,” says exec producer Frank Rich, who also reveals that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a fan. PLUS: Veep‘s genius is that it makes politics look worse than it actually is, and inside Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Tony Hale’s demented double act.

ABC Family orders Gorgeous Morons and supernatural drama Beyond
Gorgeous Morons will follow two “stunningly handsome but ridiculously simple” brothers who have to live with a “brainy” unattractive new roommate.

Why Lip Sync Battle shouldn’t be using props
The Spike TV show’s prop use actually makes the competition less funny.

Louie‘s premiere was a revealing episode about class and gender
The surrogacy plotline reveals what’s missing when you read headlines about celebrities who have children through surrogate moms.

Netflix’s Daredevil might be the best-ever superhero adaptation for TV
The Marvel series is a “shock to the senses” in that it’s really, really good, says Jack Hamilton. “It’s dark and gripping, smart and sure-footed, and takes itself and its audience seriously while avoiding either pretentious brooding or fanboy pandering. It’s also adventurous and different, in a way a show this good was always going to need to be. It’s the first modern small-screen comic adaptation that doesn’t seem to be lustily glancing at the multiplex.” PLUS: Daredevil smartly avoids the superhero origin story, it redefines superhero television, it appears to be influenced by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, it feels ordinary with its leisurely pace, it surprisingly champions the little guy, Daredevil is TV’s emo superhero, Daredevil‘s showrunner talks Marvel’s “over-arching global plan,” how the stunt coordinator works with a blind superhero, Vincent D’Onofrio talks Wilson Fisk, and Charlie Cox on playing Daredevil.