Milo Ventimiglia to ‘This Is Us’ Fans: Miguel Did Not Kill Jack

This Is Us - Milo Ventimiglia
Michelle Maurin
Actor Milo Ventimiglia and Jennifer Salke, president, NBC Entertainment, on the This Is Us panel during the 2017 ATX Festival Season 6 on Friday, June 9, 2017 in Austin, TX.

Of all the ways Jack Pearson could have died, being murdered by his best friend Miguel (Jon Huertas) is possibly be the worst fan theory out there, according to This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia.

Ventimiglia revealed the (literally) backstabbing fan theory during a packed This Is Us panel at the ATX Television Festival. When asked what is the craziest theory he’s heard from fans about the cause of Jack’s untimely death, Ventimiglia exclaimed without hesitation, “Miguel killed him!” A theory he cannot believe anyone would support, because “it feels so far-fetched and a bit ridiculous, only because Miguel is Jack’s best friend.”

We agree. While views have seen future Miguel married to future Rebecca (Mandy Moore), it seems like a major stretch that the heartwarming—and at times heart-wrenching—NBC drama would turn into a whodunnit thriller. For now, we’ll stick with these more plausible theories: Jack dies on 9/11; he gets into a car accident on the way to pick up Kate; or he drinks himself to death.

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman recently stated at a For Your Consideration panel in Los Angeles that the Season 2 premiere of the series will offer a big clue as to what happened to Jack.

“The first episode of the season holds not all the answers, but a huge piece of the puzzle,” Fogelman said at the pre-Emmy nominations event.

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Until then, This Is Us fans, put the Miguel theory to rest.

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