John Oliver takes on the Confederate Flag

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John Oliver takes on the Confederate Flag

In his latest Last Week Tonight rant, Oliver denounced the flag flying at the South Carolina statehouse in wake of the Charleston shooting tragedy. “The Confederate flag is one of those symbols that should really only be seen on t-shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world,” he said. PLUS: Oliver parodied ’90s AOL ads to address online harassment.

Stephen Colbert marched in support of Charleston shooting victims

The South Carolina native was one of 20,000 who joined members of the Emanuel AME Church yesterday evening in a march to the Bridge to Peace in Charleston.

Lifetime’s Unauthorized Full House Story unveils its first trailer

The 15-second teaser sets the tone for the Aug. 22 TV movie.

Shark Tank recruits Ashton Kutcher as a “guest shark”

The actor, who’s successfully invested in various tech companies, will make a guest appearance during Season 7 of the ABC reality show.

How Orphan Black came up with that shocking twist

The Season 3 finale seemed to raise more questions than answer new ones.

President Obama admits to Marc Maron he’s a Louis CK fan

Obama said in the WTF podcast interview his favorite comedians also include Jerry Seinfeld, Dick Gregory and Richard Pryor. As for Louis CK, Obama says, “He’s wonderful in such a self-deprecating but edgy kind of way. And basically good-hearted even when he’s saying stuff that’s … wrong. There’s a goodness about him that comes through.”

Here are the lesser-known True Detective Season 2 actors

Kelly Reilly, W. Earl Brown, Leven Rambin, James Frain and David Morse are among the journeymen actors appearing this season on the HBO series. PLUS: That was Leonard Cohen singing the new True Detective theme song.

’s older daughter roasts him for Father’s Day

Hadley Delany says her FX father is the “best worst dad.”

Arrested Development
’s Alia Shawkat to star in a comedy from Michael Showalter

Search Party will revolve around a group of 20-somethings who come together after one of their friends mysteriously disappears.

Bryan Cranston resurrects Breaking Bad’s Walter White at Electric Daisy Carnival

Watch Cranston urge the crowd to “Say My Name.” PLUS: “Walt Jr.” walked the catwalk in Milan.

Game of Thrones
’ Emilia Clarke reveals how Jason Momoa cracked her while filming Season 1 rape scene

She was caught off guard by the fluffy pink sock he wore instead of a modesty sock.

Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption: “A brilliant example of deadpan humor or a mediocre Lifetime movie”

The Will Ferrell-Kristen Wiig film was shockingly played straight. “You sorely want to give the stars the benefit of the doubt and credit them with a comedic masterpiece, given their résumés,” says Neil Genzlinger. “But, gosh, it sure looked like a mediocre Lifetime movie.” PLUS: It was a superb Lifetime spoof, it was utterly disposable and surprisingly dull.

Doctor Who teases Season 9

Check out a new promo that’s missing Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. PLUS: Prince Harry is reportedly dating Coleman.

’s Charlie Cox honored by the American Foundation for the Blind

Cox recently received an award for his portrayal of Matt Murdock.