Twice Bitten

Bitten Season 2
Shane Mahood/Syfy
Bitten Season 2

Bitten, “Bad Blood” (Friday, April 17, 8/7c, Syfy)

Dogfood. That’s the future of the guilty when the werewolf tale Bitten returns with a darker, gorier, and sexier second season replete with broken necks, ripped-out tongues, stakes in various body parts, and hot kill-the-grief sex. And that’s just the action in the first hour of these two back-to-back episodes!

What else would we expect after Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort), the world’s only female lycanthrope, finds the decapitated head of her fiancé in her bed. And the pregnant girlfriend of Elena’s pack mate Logan Jonsen (Michael Xavier) goes missing. The culprit appears to be Malcolm Danvers (James McGowan), the evil father of the shaggy dogs’ respected alpha, Jeremy (Greg Bryk). Daddy Not-So-Dearest has been leading a rebellion of lone wolves (a.k.a. “mutts”) to topple Jeremy, but there’s an even worse new Big Bad. It’s a mysterious, powerful, and very dangerous foe who aims to take over the entire supernatural world, here known as the Otherworld. The wolves need allies to fight the new villain and those could come—reluctantly—from a coven of witches led by mother and daughter Ruth (Tammy Isbell) and Paige (Tommie-Amber Pirie) Winterbourne, characters well known to fans of the Women of the Otherworld series of novels, on which the show is based. No doubt Elena could use some magical sisters by her side to counteract all that wolfmen testosterone.