What's Worth Watching: Deadliest Catch Sets Sail

Rob Moynihan
The Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel

The Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch, "A Brotherhood Tested" (Tuesday, April 14, 9/8c, Discovery)

As Discovery's Deadliest Catch kicks off its eleventh season tonight, there are rough waters ahead for the fearless captains and crew of the Bering Sea crab boats. A change in regulations turns this season into a fishing frenzy as the Bairdi crab quota inventory is increased by 400 percent, which means an increased payday for a few lucky sailors. But there's a thief in their midst as one captain's boat is stolen the night before launch. This season's captains, including Northwestern boss and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Sig Hansen, will also face massive storms and a super typhoon that threatens their safety at sea. Ultimately, the true bonds of brotherhood are tested between the hardened men, who also find time to play a few memorable pranks on each other. And by the end of the first hour, the unlikeliest of alliances will be formed.