What’s Worth Watching: Things Look Grimm for Nick and Juliette

Scott Green/NBC

Grimm, “Heartbreaker” (Friday, April 3, 8/7c, NBC)

The fantasy cop show’s Wesen case of the week is a gender twist on the old romantic Frog Prince tale, but since it’s the Grimm universe, this amphibian is definitely toxic. While the police decide whether to catch and kill or catch and release the monster princess, a new prince enters the picture. He’s a nasty piece of work named Kenneth (Nico Evers-Swindell), who’s set to lead the evil royal family’s mission to snatch Diana, the hidden superbaby of Portland police captain Renard (Sasha Roi) and witchy Hexenbiest Adalind (Claire Coffee).

Yeah, yeah, we all know that Oregon is a weirdly dangerous place. The most vital issue here: Can the relationship between sweet animal doc Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and cop/Grimm Nick (David Giuntoli) survive her status as a newly made and very powerful Hexenbiest? Starting with her Skeletor–ugly Wesen face, that’s a tough call.