What's Worth Watching: Younger Reminds Us How Much We Missed you, Sutton Foster

Oriana Schwindt
TV Land


Younger, "Pilot" (Tuesday, March 31, 10/9c, TV Land)

No, it's not Bunheads (RIP, Bunheads), but Sutton Foster's new comedy is pretty good! She plays empty-nester/divorcee Liza Miller, who's had a run of awful luck lately and decides to take control of her life by trying to re-enter the publishing world. Thing is, no one at the top is letting go of their cushy positions any time soon, and Liza is overqualified for an assistant job (plus, it's a little weird to have an underling who could be your mom). Because Liza (and Foster) looks so damn great, though, she tries to pass as a 26-year-old, and it actually works. The digs at Gen. Y come a little heavy early on, particularly in this first episode, but the show gradually settles into a more balanced look at both generations, and Foster and her costars, including Hilary Duff, are effortlessly charming.