What’s Worth Watching: Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Shock

Pretty Little Liars
Ron Tom/ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” (Tuesday, March 24, 8/7c, ABC Family)

First it was Mona (Janel Parrish). Then we thought it was Toby (Keegan Allen). And Ezra (Ian Harding). And Shana (Aeriel Miranda). And most recently, Alison (Sasha Pieterse). And in a way, each was or worked for an “A,” but now, if we’re to believe the teases, the truth about the BIG “A” is almost about to come out in the fifth-season finale.

So far, the only thing we can tell you is that it’s a “they” rather than a “he” or “she” who has been behind the girls’ latest round of torments and terror, and that there is no shortage of suspects. Aria’s (Lucy Hale) brother Mike (Cody Christian) has been weird all season; hot Andrew the beefcake brainiac (Brandon W. Jones) is overly nice for someone with that body; and nasty Det. Tanner (Roma Mafia) has enjoyed harassing the ladies way too much. Could be some of them, but maybe not. After all, this show loves to throw curves so expect to be blown away—there is a huge chance that it’s someone we would never expect, like Pam Fields (Nia Peeples), or Hanna’s horrible half sister. Heck, it could be Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). God knows what crazy he brought back with him from Rosewood. Whatever the case, tonight is gonna be intense, insane and PLL‘s usual awesome. Just don’t expect to be able to breath during the final two or three minutes.

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