Bones Returns With a Message From the Beyond (SPRING PREVIEW)


The Bones crew spent much of the first part of Season 10 mourning the death of FBI psychologist and honorary Squint Lance Sweets (John Francis Daly). After the crime-solving team’s return to some semblance of normal, Thursday’s premiere has them unsettled all over again as a body comes in on what would have been Sweets’s birthday. The murder investigation brings back guest star Cyndi Lauper as medium Avalon, who may or may not have a message for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) from their fallen friend. Boreanaz gives us hints about what’s to come in the second half of the season.

How does Booth deal with this fresh reminder of Sweets’s death?

It’s something that really hits home. And we’ll see how that affects him down the line, because with Booth, there are certain trigger points that could lead to other destructive behaviors.

Might that have anything to do with his gambling issues?

We’ll tap into that. We have an episode coming up about him going undercover and playing poker and how that may start his slow backslide into addiction, and how that affects Brennan and their relationship with their child.

Everyone seems to love Cyndi Lauper as Avalon.

Oh, my God, she’s great. She’s one of my favorite guest stars, because I know her son plays hockey, and we both have a love for the game–though she’s a big Rangers fan and I’m a big Flyers fan. And she makes me laugh. On this specific episode, there was one line she messed up, and I started having fun with it, so trying to keep straight faces–it wasn’t going to work.

Have you ever been to a psychic?

Oh, yeah. Everybody has at some point, no? They give you insight into the energy around you–some things ring true, maybe some don’t. Don’t get too serious about it.

Bones, Spring premiere, 8/7c, Fox