Once Upon a Time’s Lana Parrilla Talks Team Evil and On-Set Pranksters (VIDEO)


On Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills has gone back and forth between villainy and redemption plenty of times. And actress Lana Parrilla says her character will continue to navigate those murky waters between good and evil as the season continues. “There’s a lot coming up with the Queens of Darkness. It’s so fun watching Team Evil come together and retired Team Evil Regina finding her way back in,” Parrilla says.

Now Regina is on the trail of the Author, in hopes that he’ll be able to write her a happy ending. So will she ever find happiness? “I hope so, I hope for her sake,” Parrilla says. “‘Cause I know she’s a little confused as to how to attain that happiness. Where does it necessarily come from? Is it Robin Hood who’s going to make her happy? Is it Henry who’s going to make her happy? Or does it have to come from within?”

Parrilla stopped by our office to tell us more about what’s ahead on Once Upon a Time, who’s the biggest prankster on set, and which shows she’d love to visit as a guest star.